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Find our self storage facility near you.

Step 2

Select a storage unit that will accomodate the items you would like to store.

Step 3

Reserve a storage unit in person or by phone, finalize your rental at the storage facility, and move in.

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There are many factors that go into choosing a self storage company, such as unit sizes, unit types, location, pricing, security, and access. This site provides guidance on all of these features and helps you determine what you need in a storage facility. We also provide information on moving companies and storage insurance.

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How to Choose the Right Self Storage Unit

Why Self Storage?

Many people have so much clutter in their homes that there is a lack of space to actually live. Others just need a secure, climate controlled space to store their valuables. Self storage is practically perfect for any situation where you need to move and store objects, and it’s not just limited to boxes either. With larger storage units, you can do so much more than boxes and furniture. When you start looking for the best storage solution, you should consider what you need it for and whether the space will fit all of your stuff.

Lots of Different Sizes
Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you can store everything from standard office files to large boats and trucks. When picking a storage unit, you have to look at the amount of square feet. There are small, medium and large storage units. Smaller units go from 25 to 50 square feet of space. You can stack boxes, small pieces of furniture and other small items in these spaces. Medium storage units range up to 100 square feet. The largest storage units are capable of fitting cars, trucks, boats, water sports equipment, four wheelers, farm equipment and other bulky items.

24 Hour Access
While you may want to de-clutter your home, you don’t want to lose contact with your valuables. Most storage places offer 24-hour access, which means that you can visit your storage unit any time that you want. There are some limitations to this. You’ll need a security pass code in most cases to gain entrance into the building or storage lot. You’ll also need the key for your particular storage unit.

Special Storage Conditions
If you plan to store items that need to have a climate controlled space, there are plenty of options for these storage units. Typically climate controlled, secure self-storage units are a little bit more expensive than your standard storage units. If you have items of high value that can’t be in extreme heat or cold, it’s essential that you upgrade to these types of units.

Security and Monitoring
One of the best features of self-storage is that most storage companies offer 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. Most storage lots require a pass code in order to get into the facility, but they also have security guards and other systems in place to protect against theft. If you have higher value items that need more security, there are additional options. Storage units are typically monitored as well, so you can be sure if something does happen, there is someone standing by.

Organize Your Items for Sale
Self-storage units also provide advantages for those who are selling a variety of things out of the home. If you are moving and selling furniture or you have a business that needs to store supplies, it’s the perfect option to organize all of your products and supplies.

Store Your Winter and Holiday Stuff
When you have a smaller home, storage units are essential for getting rid of things that you want for only certain times of the year. They are affordable options not far from home that are perfect for storing holiday decorations, winter coats, large jackets, snow mobiles, ski equipment and other gear that you just may not want around the house to take up space.

Finding the Best Storage Unit Rental
A self storage unit should be easy to find and easy to access. The units should come in a variety of sizes, so you can store whatever you need to. The best storage sites will offer security, 24/7 access, special storage options and climate-controlled units for an affordable rate.